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  • Lush—In-Wash Scent Booster

    What is Lush? With one capful, one shake, one wash, you will know. But this is more than what you will know. It’s what you will smell for up to 12 weeks*—bright lavender mixed with cedar-inspired undertones and sumptuous vanilla layers. Smell it and be in the know.
    * out of storage

    fresh too feisty to quit™

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    $5.49-$10.49 MSRP

  • Lush—Premium Scent Booster with Conditioner

    Turn Laundry Day into Luxury Day with this little elixir of liquid Lush. From rags to richly scented, your clothes will smell like a dream—a dream of flowers and spice—for weeks (out of storage). And they’ll feel so soft, you’ll make clouds jealous.

    fresh too feisty to quit™

    $9.99 MSRP